You are invited! County budget hearings are scheduled for September 7th, 8th, and 9th, starting at 8am and continuing until recessed. Various components to the county budget will be discussed and the public is welcome to make comment. Folks can come and go as they chose, or stay the entire time. This is a great opportunity to meet your local public officials and see them in action. The budget is important because the county is taking the money it collects in property tax, income tax, and miscellaneous revenue sources and determines where that money can be spent. If anyone has any questions about any portion of the budget, or if one wants to see the budget requests, please feel free to contact me. In an archived posting on this website, you can view how much of each dollar you spend in property tax goes where--check it out.
Where does one begin on this issue? As one reads the newspaper or hears something on the street, you can't help knowing that our county has been strapped with legal issues. There is no question that it has cost us (the taxpayers) money.

Consider the source and consider the root of the problem. What is the common cause of every legal action our county has faced in the last 2-3 years and who has benefitted from this? It certainly isn't the county government and absolutely not the taxpayer or Owen County citizens.

Moving forward, our current elected officials need to continue doing what they have been doing...standing up against
What is CEDIT anyway? It is the County Economic Development Income Tax. Currently, the CEDIT tax is .25% on your income. For Owen County's median household income of $40,000, this equals $100/year. The money raised by this tax goes to our county's Economic Development Tax Fund. Money from this fund can be used to pay for various county operations, debt, projects, equipment, etc.

With recent changes in Indiana's state laws concerning the elimination of the Inventory Tax, counties will see a shortfall in revenue. The shortfall varies by county. To help counties offset this loss of revenue, the County Council is now able to consider raising the tax rate. The maximum increase is .25% but the actual amount of the increase cannot exceed the amount of money lost by the elimination of the Inventory Tax.

At the Council's next meeting on May 23rd, discussion on this issue will be made and input is needed. One important figure needed is the amount of revenue lost by elimination of the Inventory Tax. This, along with your input, will help the County Council decide to keep the rate as is, or raise it to an appropriate amount. Please contact me with your opinions.
After attending my first Spencer Town Board meeting on May 3rd, I felt that as part of this website's service, minutes to those meetings should be available here. I should have thought of this sooner, let alone attend a Town meeting sooner, but it's time to move forward and further improve this website. The entire town is part of my County Council District and I feel it is very important for all residents to have access to as much public information as possible, whether for the town, or the county. I plan to have the minutes available shortly--please check regularly for updates. Please contact me if you need assistance with anything.

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