County budget hearings are now scheduled to start on September 5th and lots of budget legwork is already underway by the various local government departments and the Auditor's office. The Council will soon have a chance to review current and proposed budget figures. As with years past, I encourage folks to sit in on these hearings. I encourage you to ask questions of anything you are not familiar with or of anything you are concerned about. This is a process open to the taxpayer for the opportunity to be heard. I have found over the years that internal friction and rumors are usually fueled by miscommunication. One of the most important components of effective government is communication and I work very hard to promote this. Please feel free to contact me when you need assistance.
With the help of several community leaders, emergency management, and elected officials, research is being done on various ways to alert folks in Owen County of severe weather. At first, outdoor warning sirens was the primary subject, but the issue has expanded further and the research is much broader so that no matter what type of emergency, various types of alert systems could be used in different parts of the county. Of course, no system can reach everyone 100% no matter how much money is spent, but coming up with an effective system to reach the most people possible for the best price is very important. Your input is important. Please contact me and offer your opinion on a warning system. Is it long overdue? Well worth the cost? A waste of money? It is important to hear from you. If planned right, this can be a great service to the citizens and taxpayers of our County.
I periodically update web links and audit my site to stay as current as possible. After a recent visit to the 2nd Annual Business Showcase, sponsored by the Owen County Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corporation, I reviewed the list of members to find new web links. Approximately twelve new links to local businesses and organizations were added to this website. Please browse through the list and visit many of our local businesses and organizations that are headquartered in Owen County and serve Owen County.
A very good question was asked of me this weekend. This gentleman read the article that appeared in the Spencer Evening World last week highlighting our county's Board of Finance and Treasurer's report on interest earnings. The report was good news as interest rates have been on the rise and as a result, our interest revenues have increased.

His Question:

How does the county make $300,000 in interest for the year when we would have to have about $8 or $9 Million stashed away somewhere?

The answer:

The County Treasurer has many sources of money that contribute to the overall investment amount. Besides the source we normally think about--county government--a significantly larger source is the school corporation. Whether it is money collected from you paying your property tax bill, income tax monies distributed from the state, court fees, etc., they all are sources of money for investing. As long as all money is accounted for by fund and bills are being paid, the Treasurer can determine how much, where, and for how long money can be invested.

I appreciate this taxpayer's question. If you have a question, feel free to ask!
At the first Council meeting of the year, the Council nominated and elected Patty Edwards to continue serving as President and Vera Hughes as Vice-President. Meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the courthouse. Agendas, etc., will be updated regularly on this website. Anton Neff will continue to serve as the Council's appointment to the Plan Commission and Patty Steward will continue to serve as the appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

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