Social media has become a valuable tool in sharing useful information quickly.  Owen

County Council District Two's official facebook page has been designed with that in mind.


If you have a facebook account, please visit and "Like" the page:


If you haven't yet connected to it, there will be a "Like" button on the upper right hand side

of that page--cick on that so that the button shows "Liked" and you will be good to go. As

information is posted, you will get it automatically.


Information shared often:


- Taxpayer resources and information

- Emergency and weather warning information

- Notices of upcoming public meetings

- Availability of public meetings minutes files

- Notices of this website's updates, like new weblinks to Owen County-based

       businesses, churches, and organizations

- Photos and information on county government events and projects

- Photos and information on state projects impacting Owen County

- Re-posts of Spencer Evening World facebook links relating to local government

- Other information pertaining to our community


Thank you for you interest in staying connected with local government and community information.  As always,

I am an email or call away--I look forward to hearing from you.


Paid for by Anton Karl Neff personally