As a resident and/or taxpayer of Owen County Council District Two, I have information to share with you concerning the progress of Owen County Government's 2010 budget.


This directly impacts funding for a wide variety of local services, such as our Emergency Medical Service, Sheriff, courts, administrative offices, Health Department, Building & Planning, Recycling, and Highway, to name a few.


The Owen County Council had adopted the 2010 budget on October 12th for submission to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance for their review and hearing.  Once complete, we will be able to make any final adjustments they require, if any.  We do anticipate significant adjustments to the Highway Department's budget as gasoline tax revenues are down considerably.  Unfortunately, this will have a negative impact on the ability to maintain our county roads.


Our County Auditor had provided an electronic copy of the budget as it stands now and it is now available in Microsoft Excel format using the following link to the District Two website resource page:


2010 Owen County Budget Figures


All county government services are funded from a variety of different revenue sources.


Property taxes fund parts of many budgets.  Here is a breakdown of where each $1 you pay in Property Tax goes in 2009:


District Two Property Tax Breakdown per Dollar (2009)


Some departments and budgets are not funded by property tax.  In addition to property tax, other county revenue sources include, but are not limited to, income tax, motor vehicle taxes, service fees, 911 surcharges, interest, and state-distributed money.


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