What is CEDIT anyway? It is the County Economic Development Income Tax. Currently, the CEDIT tax is .25% on your income. For Owen County's median household income of $40,000, this equals $100/year. The money raised by this tax goes to our county's Economic Development Tax Fund. Money from this fund can be used to pay for various county operations, debt, projects, equipment, etc.

With recent changes in Indiana's state laws concerning the elimination of the Inventory Tax, counties will see a shortfall in revenue. The shortfall varies by county. To help counties offset this loss of revenue, the County Council is now able to consider raising the tax rate. The maximum increase is .25% but the actual amount of the increase cannot exceed the amount of money lost by the elimination of the Inventory Tax.

At the Council's next meeting on May 23rd, discussion on this issue will be made and input is needed. One important figure needed is the amount of revenue lost by elimination of the Inventory Tax. This, along with your input, will help the County Council decide to keep the rate as is, or raise it to an appropriate amount. Please contact me with your opinions.

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