My name is Anton Karl Neff and I represent District Two on the Owen County Council. Since taking office, I have worked hard to represent the district and Owen County. A conservative approach to budgeting has helped us stay afloat despite continued revenue and expense pressures on local government. Owen County is very fortunate to have little debt and healthy cash balances in many of our funds.  We also have an on-time budgeting and tax process.  With many economic and state regulation pressures, we have to continually monitor our county's budget status.  I support decisions and policies that promote efficiency in government and long-term financial planning.  We always need to find the right balance of providing effective services while maintaining our investment in our county government workforce at an efficient and reasonable cost to our taxpayers.


I hope that you find my website useful in finding out more about me and how to contact me. Your suggestions are always welcome. Most important, I want to hear your ideas and concerns regarding Owen County's local government. If I do not have an answer for your question, I will either find an answer or find a resource for you to get an answer. Open communication is very important to me. Thanks for visiting!




Property Tax bills are "in the mail" and I will be getting one like many of you.  This is most likely not described as a joyous occasion to anyone but, I hope most understand that it is important in terms of keeping local government services available and operational.


As a taxpayer myself, I want to know where my money goes--to understand exactly what I am paying for. It can be a challenge at the state level and nearly impossible at the federal level. Locally however, I prepare a number of resources each year to help make it easy and, I want to make sure you know about them.  The following are available in the 'Meeting Minutes / Taxpayer Resources' section of my website:


The first is our property tax rates. See which rates apply to you and how they compare to other parts of our county. You can also view rates for prior years.


The second is a property tax breakdown for District Two. For each dollar you spend, see how it is divided among all taxing units.


The third is access to view all of Owen County Government's 2017 Budgets, some of which are funded by property tax.


Lastly, here is information concerning due dates and payment options:


Due Dates:


Spring installment = May 10th

Fall installment = November 13th

Payment Methods:

US Mail = PO Box 600, Spencer, IN 47460

In-Person = Owen County Treasurer's Office, located on the first floor of the Owen County Courthouse, weekdays 8am to 4pm, except Good Friday, April 14th.

In-Person = Spencer branch of The Peoples State Bank (your tax statement bill slip and payment by check only are required for this option), located at 304 E Morgan St, during their business hours.

On-Line = GovTech Tax Pro website, with a credit card or e-check (a vendor fee will apply).


Owen County Treasurer's Office, 812-829-5011



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