My name is Anton Karl Neff and I represent District Two on the Owen County Council. Since taking office, I have worked hard to represent the district and Owen County. A conservative approach to budgeting has helped us stay afloat despite continued revenue and expense pressures on local government. Owen County is very fortunate to have little debt and healthy cash balances in many of our funds.  We also have an on-time budgeting and tax process.  With many economic and state regulation pressures, we have to continually monitor our county's budget status.  I support decisions and policies that promote efficiency in government and long-term financial planning.  We always need to find the right balance of providing effective services while maintaining our investment in our county government workforce at an efficient and reasonable cost to our taxpayers.


I hope that you find my website useful in finding out more about me and how to contact me. Your suggestions are always welcome. Most important, I want to hear your ideas and concerns regarding Owen County's local government. If I do not have an answer for your question, I will either find an answer or find a resource for you to get an answer. Open communication is very important to me. Thanks for visiting!






We are very happy to announce that our 2016 budgets have been approved by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.  This is a result of the collective work of all of our department heads and elected officials.  From the initial estimation and advertisement process, to early review, to only one final adjustment, then final action, we submitted our figures based on the best balance of continuing valuable county services and maintaining good financial health.


Use this link to the Taxpayer Resources Section of this website to view all county departments' and offices' budgets:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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